I don't know anymore.

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To be clear, no person has done this to me, not outside of my upbringing. Things spark or trigger different reactions in me. The recent unpleasantness is part of the decline I've been on for years, it was just temporarily postponed cause I thought I had to try and be normal. I no longer care. I will decline until I no longer exist in this world.


What once we believed 
To be so glorious and freeing’s 
Just a crutch 
And in retrospect the good times 
That we’ve had don’t seem so worth it 
When I’m wakin’ up in cold sweat 
Shakin’ on some stranger’s white leather couch 
With a head full of regrets 
I’ve made up my bed 
Now i guess it’s time to sleep 
Swaddled up in sterile white sheets 
I’m losin’ touch 
Little blue pills 
To help me sleep 
Don’t like my life 
So i take seven when i drink 
Wake up in the AM 
Still shakin’ from the mayhem 
With the door off of its hinge 


…traveling to different cities, deciding anywhere is home. as long as you were by my side I never felt alone. Cigarettes to the wind, 40’s in our hands. this love is real and no one could understand the feeling we were born to feel. you know I’ll follow you anywhere.

Come on just take my hand, baby let’s go, we’ll run away with nothing but our love to show. we’ll dance in the street with mund on our knees and show the world we’re everything they wish to be but nothing that they want to see.


Fail it ‘til you nail it
If you don’t got pitch that’s fine
What we’ve got we’ll share it
'Cause you can't take life so seriously all the time
Wake up and play beyond the fence

Days n’ Daze have a new album out! It’s a split with Broken Bow, and it’s incredible.


"Life’s a game, life’s a joke, fuck it why not go for broke? Trade in all your chips and learn how to be free. Why abstain? Why jump in line? We’re all living on borrowed time. Do what ya like, and like what ya do when ya do it, and if they don’t that’s fine fuck em!"

"This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you."

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Good luck this week to everyone

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"Growing up really fucking sucks
I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up
And soon I’m not going to bother
I’m going to lay on the ground until I die
And I’m afraid I don’t care…”


And I’m a liar and a thief,
Taking things from those better than me.
Pathetic little man with some pathetic little dream,
I hope you all can forgive me.