I don't know what I want but this isn't it.

I like yellow. My middle name is Rae. Think of it as a ray of sunshine. I am a college graduate with a BA in Psychology and concentrations in philosophy and studio art, and I tend to mess everything up. I am not perfect. Once we're friends, you can't get rid of me. Sorry.

My senior prophecy was to burn down a library. They fired me And believe me, I definitely thought about it. Who knows what the future holds. I drink, I smoke and I like my drugs. Spontaneity, I live off of. I daydream.

If I could bottle the smell of a musty basement, and smell it all day, I would.

I cannot wait to travel one day. I should be moving to Oregon in about a year, money permitting.

I have much life left, or so I hope. If depressed hippies exist, I am one. I'm also very friendly, talk to me.

I'm starting to get frantic because I don't think I'll ever be happy. Not truly.


I wanna be that one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me

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"Loneliness can make you miss someone you never really had."
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"I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life."
- Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York   (via slayr)

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do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking

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i think its dumb if drug dealers get sentenced to longer in prison that rapists?? like people ask for drugs but no one asks for rape???

Finally someone said it.

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  • christianity: god hates fags
  • satanism: you'll be accepted no matter what.
  • christianity: you better worship us hardcore or you go to hell
  • satanism: rituals are good, indeed, but not necessary, you're not forced.
  • christianity: you better love everyone around you and god a lot
  • satanism: it's stupid to think you can love everyone, love is an important feeling and you can't give it away to the ones who don't deserve it.
  • christianity: respect others no matter what
  • satanism: respect the ones who respect you.
  • eeny, meeny, miny, moe...


I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

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"Male tears!!!!"

"Straight tears!!!"

"White tears!!!!"

All translate to “I hurt and make fun of people for traits they cannot control. I am a bully. And I love it.”

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what am i doing
i wannnaaaaa go backpacking
i wanna be in portland
i wanna see marlee
i wanna pick berries
i wannaaaaaaaaa????
there is an attractive person i wanna have sex wiiiiith
who also finds me attractive
but idk if it will happenn???
i am a space cadet

This thought process is familiar to me

I’ve been all sketchy about plans and where to go. I know I said Alaska. But as much fun as that would be, everyone has their own lives and I need to do that too.

April, I’m hoping to have about $4,000 but as long as I have the money for gas and an apartment, I’ll come up with the rest. I just have to get there.