Be one, be none, be all.

I like yellow. My middle name is Rae. Think of it as a ray of sunshine. I am a college senior(finally) in psychology, and I tend to mess everything up. I am not perfect. Once we're friends, you can't get rid of me. Sorry.

My senior prophecy was to burn down a library. I currently work in one. Who knows what the future holds. I drink, I smoke and I like my drugs in moderation. Spontaneity, I live off of. I daydream.

If I could bottle the smell of a musty basement, and smell it all day, I would.

I cannot wait to travel one day. Anywhere.

I have much life left, or so I hope. If depressed hippies exist, I am one. I'm also very friendly, talk to me.

While I may not be the happiest, I'm about a gillion times better right now. I don't know why, but I blame the dreads.

I will be documenting my dread journey, as well as being healthy and fit and happy and spiritual. Questions on anything, or any of the above, let me know.



you’re welcome

Sad and beautiful.

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